The Festa de São Pedro is Still to Be Looked Forward To!

Festa de São Pedro in Salvador, Bahia

As on Christmas Day afternoons and Sunday evenings during childhood…that sense of disappointment which manifests itself after the eagerly anticipated has arrived, and passed…one (when in Brazil’s Nordeste, child or not), might be inclined to likewise feel let down after the sustained explosion  of the June festivities which reach their climax on the eve of the Festa de São João (Feast Day of St. John the Baptist), on June 23rd (the festa/feast day itself being June 24th).

But no, dear amigos, the landing is gentle and continues to move. The festivities, although attenuated, continue to and through the Festa de São Pedro — the man with the Key — on June 29th.  I will keep you apprised of festival-related happenings here in Pelourinho…