Barlavento Releases a New Record: Quebramar

Barlavento of Mutá, Bahia

Hamilton, left, came by the shop (Cana Brava Records) yesterday, bringing with him Barlavento’s new record (I hate the name “CD”, and it is a “record” after all!).

Barlavento is Hamilton and Davizinho, the two to the left above. The other guy, who I’m going to find out, about is new. Hamilton (pronounced ah-MEEL-tohn in Portuguese) are from Mutá, in the Recôncavo, on the bay on the far side of the island of Itaparica from Salvador. They play their ancestral music, the ancestral music of their region…samba de roda.

Quebramar (Sea Break) is a beautiful record featuring several songs by Roque Ferreira, himself born in Nazaré das Farinhas at the south end of the Recôncavo and somebody who’s made a great career writing for Zeca Pagodinho and others.

But Roque’s true love is the Recôncavo and its culture. This music of his is a celebration of the beautiful commonalities of life across the water there…the canoes and fishing, the African gods, the festas… Life truly lived.

So we’ve got the record (as a compact disc) here, brought by the man — a very good man — himself!