Hot Pick for Friday: Grupo Botequim, Juliana Ribeiro & Bule Bule!

Ken & Bule Bule, Cana Brava Records, Salvador, Bahia
Dr. Dossar & Bule Bule in Cana Brava Records

Friday, September 14th, from 9 p.m. or so, Grupo Botequim will be joined by special guests Juliana Ribeiro and Bule Bule behind the Igreja (Church) de Santo Antônio in the Largo de Santo Antônio in Salvador’s neighborhood of (yup! you guessed it!) Santo Antônio além do Carmo.

Great, great samba! Wonderful Juliana! And incomparable Bule Bule, who carries the folk memory of Brazil’s Nordeste (Northeast) under that leather cap!

Beer is served on the premises by the church’s presiding priest. Entrance is 15 reais.