Great Friday Night of Samba with Grupo Botequim!

Grupo Botequim

Friday, October 19th, 2018…Grupo Botequim will celebrate their 12 years together. This is — per authentic samba — not a show per se but a participatory celebration, with what would be the “audience” in other cases here singing along, clapping and dancing. It’s the Unified Field Theory of Music.

And with Walmir Lima, now in his ninth decade, presiding in his masterly fashion and lifting spirits and energy levels…and Grupo Barlavento, the gentlemen from Mutá, in the Recôncavo, singing their sambas-de-roda…and Seu Regi from Itapuã, and his sambas-de-roda…

A truly Brazilian night in the most moving sense of it all.

This samba takes place behind the Igreja (Church) de Santo Antônio in Salvador’s neighborhood of Santo Antônio além do Carmo (in some respects an extension of Pelourinho). Beer is served by the parish priest.