Dia de Consciência Negra: Salvador, Bahia 2018

Dia de Consciência Negra, Salvador, Bahia

Salvador’s (and Brazil’s) Dia de Consciência Negra is this coming Tuesday, November 20th, November 20th being the date that Zumbi, the last king of the quilombo (in Brazil, a settlement of Africans or Afro-Brazilians who have escaped to freedom) of Palmares, was killed in 1695.

While there are a number of happenings in Salvador on this date, principal among these is the walk from the headquarters of bloco afro Ilê Aiyê on the Ladeira de Curuzu (this is the street; a ladeira is a sloping street) in the neighborhood of Liberdade, to Pelourinho, the Centro Histórico.

This walk begins around 3 p.m. in the afternoon, to the accompaniment of the drums of Ilê Aiyê in a style specific to Salvador and developed exactly for marches such as this.