Bahia-Online Matrix


The matrix is a simple no-brainer. That said, it has the potential to be one of the greatest, most powerful, wonderful and beneficient simple no-brainers of all time.

In a sense the matrix is a throwback: Somebody recommends somebody, a musician or whatever, you've never heard of. The matrix fulfills the function of a guy working in a record shop, or somebody you've just met in a record shop leaning on one of the bins there.

So the matrix is a Yelp wannabe? No...the matrix is only nice. Unlike Yelp, you simply recommend. By linking to somebody else. No complaining in the matrix.

And already the benefits are vast: Say Herbie Hancock recommends. He probably knows all sorts of great musicians you've never heard of. And if you like Herbie, and are looking to discover, there's a good chance you'll be glad you were turned onto some of them too.

Or maybe Bule Bule recommends. He's definitely gonna know musicians you've never, ever, ever heard of (unless you're given to wandering the caatinga of Brazil's great nordeste (northeast). Or Faby Lafertin recommends gypsy jazz guitar players and violinists. And choro players in Rio de Janeiro. And they recommend. And they recommend... And recommendations are not limited to musicians; they can encompass all the arts. I recommend a great, funny and very entertaining mathematician youtuber!

Let's look at the problem which has been solved here:

With a wave of Mnemosyne's (you know, Euterpe's mom) wand there are no more merely local artists. A wonderful somebody struggling in Brooklyn or Cape Town or Havana can be eminently findable from everywhere, including earth orbit and Antarctica (internet they have on the the space station and in polar research stations).

Which, literally, begs a question: If this is such a no-brainer of such gargantuan world-opening potential, and it's so easy, with modern technology, to set up...why IT* hasn't somebody built it before now???

It's a mystery to me too. But I imagine it's because none of the people who usually do these things live far, far away...where splendid musical creators not signed to corporate labels (which is almost all of them) are essentially cut off from the world over the horizon (and even closer).

We, however, live far, far away in Bahia, Brazil. Which if not the god's eye center of the musical universe, is mere quantum steps offset from it. But where, ironically, the discovery situation is dire.

But where also, with the advent of the matrix, the horizon of undiscoverability has melted away into the sunset over the caatinga (brush and cactus of the hard-scrabble interior)...and Hamlet and his band can now -- finally -- count themselves kings of infinite space.

Bahia-Online's Matrix is built on the concept of the small world network. This is the thinking behind the fact that all people in the world are connected by a short series of steps, the number generally hovering around six or less.

Sign up and your page is created. On your page's "They Curate Me" tab you create categories for which you can be recommended.

When somebody recommends you, you appear on their "I Curate Them" tab. They appear on your "They Curate Me" tab.

When you recommend somebody, they appear on your "I Curate Them" tab. You appear on their "They Curate Me" tab.

Recommendations in series (somebody recommends me...I recommend somebody else...they recommend somebody...) form worldlines. Worldlines form the matrix. By small world theory, within this matrix everybody is somehow accessible by everybody else. All roads lead everywhere (including, it would seem, to Raimundo and João).

We use "matrix" in its original sense of "source". From "mater", Latin for "mother". We're a real mother for ya!