João do Boi


The Seven Pillars of Motherly Wisdom:

  1. Step-by-step-by-step-by-step-by-step-by-step-by-step...
  2. Motivated by a desire to help the outside world discover amazing Bahian musicians and inspired in pre-Civil War African Americans' Grapevine Telegraph (from whence "I heard it through the grapevine"), our matrixed curation makes it possible for all artists of all types to be reached — no matter how isolated — no matter where in the world — by anybody anywhere.
  3. Quincy Jones recommends Alfredo Rodriguez who recommends Munir Hossn who recommends Roberto Mendes who recommends João do Boi.
  4. Anybody who gets to Quincy in Los Angeles now has passage to João in his village in Brazil (and to monster musicians Alfredo and Munir and Roberto as well). QED!
  5. We get to see who our heros (and anybody else) -- both known and unknown -- recommend, and we can follow trails of discovery to "new" people -- and what they create -- like trains following tracks from station to station to station.
  6. The original meaning of matrix is “source”, from “mater”, Latin for “mother”.
  7. We’re a real mother for ya.