Bahia-Online's Matrix is built on the concept of the small world network. This is the thinking behind the fact that all people in the world are connected by a short series of somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody relationships, the number of steps generally hovering around six or less.

So our advance is to simply make these steps into recommendations. Somebody recommends somebody who recommends somebody...

This methodology enables us to get to people -- and what they do or create -- we never would have previously been able to reach. No matter where they are.

Conversely, people can follow these recommendation trails to us, if we wish to be so discoverable. Our system is set up so that people are recommended for categories they create when they set up their page. People who only wish to recommend...simply do not create categories for themselves.

The matrix opens up a completely discoverable universe of music and the arts. Which doesn't depend on money for publicity.

A revolution in a small world nutshell!

BTW, we use "matrix" in its original sense of "source". From "mater", Latin for "mother".

We're a real mother for ya!


João do Boi


Now this guy, doing what he does below in his village in Brazil, formerly completely unfindable, is eminently findable from anywhere in the world! QED!