Percussion Classes in Salvador

Bahia is The Land of the Drum, and there are of course some fabulous percussionists here, including those who play out-and-about and record and are locally renowned (don’t let the “locally” fool you; to be renowned in Bahia means out-of-this-world class), and others out in the backlands or off in the favelas who are just as magnificent.


Macambira teaches in his studio at the top of the Largo do Pelourinho, to the left if one approaches from the bottom of the hill. One (true) way of praising Macambira would be to say that Badega, a masterly professional in his own right, from Santo Amaro and specializing in the percussion of the Recôncavo, studied with Macambira when he needed to improve his Carnival chops a few years back.

Macambira: His studio is now several doors up from where this photo was taken.

Macambira’s number and whatsapp are: +55 71 9 9172-5576. He gives both one-on-one classes and group classes. If you’re in Salvador feel free to just stop by, Macambira is a super-sweet and friendly guy.

Gabi Guedes

Gabi Guedes is an alabê (he is the principal drummer) in the Gantois house of candomblé here in Salvador, responsible for bringing down the deities. He was made filho-de-santo by Mãe Menininha, perhaps the most famous mãe-de-santo (head priestess) to have ever existed. Gabi is a reference not only for the rhythms of candomblé ketu (the nation of the house he drums for), but for gêge and angola as well.

For the closing of the Rio Olympics, Gabi arranged the candomblé drumming behind the playing of Brazil’s national anthem (there were a number of drummers, Gabi included).

Gabi can be reached at +55 71 9 9175-7543 (tel/whatsapp).

Giba Conceição

Irrepressible Giba! Absolute master with the energy and wide-blinking eyes of a kid! Giba gives classes in his studio close to the Teatro Castro Alves and Campo Grande.

Tel/whatsapp +55 71 9 9962-3051